Writers’ Conferences

Writers’ Conferences

I am blessed to live near three writers’ conferences that happen in my area: The well attended Surrey Writers’ Conference; the Burnaby Writers’ Conference; and now a new one was organized, just this past weekend, the Maple Ridge Writers’ Conference.


I’ve attended all three at various times and the Surrey Writers’ Conference is the most widely attended because writers, editors and publishers from all over North America offer workshops, blue pencil sessions and a chance to pitch your book with an editor or publisher.

This is a great conference, but it’s pricey, so if your aim is to pitch your book, be prepared with your elevator pitch and a polished synopsis.


The Burnaby Writers’ Conference has lesser know presenters, but I’ve still come away with valuable tips at a tenth of the cost of the Surrey event.

This year, I attended the Maple Ridge event put on by Golden Ears Writers. Using a similar format to the other conferences, there were workshops as well as blue pencil opportunities. The conference was well presented and organized. As an added bonus, it was free, though I’m sure in the future, there will be a small fee.

Choose wisely however, as the majority of us authors don’t earn much, so we need to invest our money where it will benefit us most.

Top Photo: Debra Purdy Kong with her many mystery novels, who also offered a blue pencil session. Personally, I can’t wait for her fantasy novel to come out.

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