Rabindranath Tagore’s — The wreck *****

Rabindranath Tagore’s — The wreck *****

Ramesh is in love with Hemnalini, but is forced into an arranged marriage. On his return journey from his wedding, a storm sinks the wedding party boats. When Ramesh comes to, he’s washed up on shore and discovers the only other survivor is dressed in red wedding regalia. He assumes its his wife whom he never set eyes on during the wedding.

Only after taking her into his house does he discover she is not the woman he married. And this is where the dilemma starts. He cannot disregard Kamala because she’ll be shunned in Indian society, but he is determined to marry the love of his life, Hemnalini.

Tagore, a prolific story teller of the 1900s, wrote well ahead of his time about the deprived status of Hindu women and the low value placed on their intelligence.

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