Are you contemplating joining a writing group?

Are you contemplating joining a writing group?

I’ve been working with writing groups for many years after struggling on my own for over a decade. My critique group consist of authors at the beginning stages right up to those who have published a long list of books, and facilitators with impressive writing credentials.

Often I forget how much other writers have taught me. Only last week, I re-edited a chapter I’d worked on several years back and was surprised by the flaws I’d previously overlooked. It made me realize what I’d learned from my fellow writers.

I can’t stress how much I value their suggestions while at the same time I’m aware of their limitations. They only read/hear a portion at a time of what I’m writing so can’t gauge an entire manuscript.

My advice however, is join a group if you’re serious about writing — not only can you learn from others, but writing can be lonely and it’s inspiring to share with writing colleagues.

Groups vary, so you may need to shop around to find who fits best with you.

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