Ellie Eaton’s — The Divines *****

Ellie Eaton’s — The Divines *****

Joe/Josephine is an insecure yet studious student at an English private girls boarding school. Skipper, her best friend until their second last year at the school, has moved on and become closer to the twins. To make matters worse, Joe has to share a room with Gerry, the skating champion no one likes. Joe befriends a townie, a connection frowned upon by the students, the Divines. But Joe continues the friendship and develops a crush on Stuart, her townie friend’s brother. Soon everything goes from bad to worse in an environment where girls from privileged homes, have an air of entitlement. They laugh at others behind their backs, tease relentlessly and bully unpopular Gerry.

Years later, after Joe marries and has had no contact with anyone from the boarding school, she regrets how she remained silent when Gerry was humiliated and bullied by Skipper because she feared being alienated from her once best friend. She cannot put the terrible private school years behind her. Can Joe overcome the guilt that’s affecting her marriage and relationship with their daughter?

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