Rebecca Silver Slayer’s—In the land of birdfishes *****

Rebecca Silver Slayer’s—In the land of birdfishes *****

After two twins Mara and Aileen, witness their mother’s suicide their father is wild with grief. He blindfolds both girls so they won’t see the worst in the world, causing Mara to become blind and Aileen ‘s eyesight to be damaged. When a Nova Scotia neighbour discovers what he has done to his children, they are separated from their father and each other and it is not until years later that Aileen discovers where her sister is living. She leaves a broken marriage and heads to Dawson City, but when she arrives she struggles to decipher fact from fiction in the tales Mara’s son, Jason spins. Will she ever learn the truth about what happened to her sister?

A well written tale that because of Jason’s twisting of the truth, the ending couldn’t be fathomed until the very last page. 


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