MacLeod’s Book Store

MacLeod’s Book Store

MacLeod’s is my go-to bookstore once I’ve finished researching on-line but still can’t find all the fine details I need to begin the first draft on my latest book idea. I’ve never once been there and not found something that fits what I’m currently researching. MacLeod’s, in downtown Vancouver on West Pender, is easily located on a Google map and has been around for over fifty years.

If you’re expecting a neatly uncluttered environment, this isn’t the second-hand store for you. It’s packed with books, from floor to ceiling, (and I literally mean floor) with cheap paper backs to rare hard copy first editions. Although it might feel like there’s no organization when you first enter the main floor, there are definite sections where books are classified into countries and/or topics.

On my last two visits I was sent to the basement that I didn’t know existed until I ventured down the dark staircase into another layer of endless books. Thanks to the owner who obviously has a passion for used books, I’ve discovered priceless information that has added depth and layers to my stories and recommend this bookshop to anyone wishing to locate books for both pleasure or research from every part of the world.

Featured image: some of my finds from MacLeod’s


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