Yangsze Choo’s — The night tiger *****

Yangsze Choo’s — The night tiger *****

At Ji Lin’s part time job as a dance hall girl in Ipoh, she stumbles upon a preserved finger left by one of her dance partners. With the finger in her possession, frightening events happen. The previous finger owner dies and strange dreams of a boy, Yi recur. With the help of her stepbrother, Shin, Ji Lin tries to get rid of the finger. At the same time, Ren, a Malayan houseboy is searching for the finger because he believes he must bury his previous boss’s digit with the rest of his body. Another death occurs that locals believe is caused by a weretiger and when Ji Lin and Shin tidy Batu Gajah hospital’s storeroom, they discover other preserved fingers are missing. What is it about the increasing number of deaths in the district, the fingers, Ji Lin’s contact with Yi through her dreams and the houseboy, Ren that connects them in this mysterious and sometimes dream like world?

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