Ann Patchett’s — Bel Canto *****

Ann Patchett’s — Bel Canto *****

A South American government tries to lure Mr Hosokawa to a party so he will invest in their country, but the Japanese tycoon is not interested in doing business with this regime. When he is not working long hours at his company, Nansei, he is passionate about opera, especially opera singer Roxane Coss. So when the South American government invites him to attend his birthday party where this very opera singer will perform, he cannot refuse.

In ecstasy listening to Roxane Coss sing, Mr Hosokawa and the audience of diplomats and important business men and women from around the world are unaware that a group of resistant fighters are about to burst into the vice-president’s home and hold them hostage.

This was a unique story line for me. Additionally, as the novel progressed I hoped both hostages and rebels would survive the ordeal as each character’s personality was revealed.

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