Angie Kim’s — Miracle Creek*****

Angie Kim’s — Miracle Creek*****

Angie Kim — Miracle Creek*****

The Yoo’s business is burnt down ­— Miracle Submarine that offered oxygen therapy to autistic children. The night of the fire, Elizabeth set her son, Henry under the oxygen helmet that later burst into flames. It’s the first time she never sits in the chamber with Henry during the treatment. Instead, she lazes under a tree with a bottle of wine not far away. When she’s arrested for murder of her son and her friend Kitt whom she’d argued with, everyone is convinced she’s guilty. A Camel cigarette resulted in the fire and there are people who were there that night hiding that they smoke that brand. Young Yoo discovers her husband’s lies and grows suspicious. Janine uncovers lies her husband, Matt told her in connection with the Yoo’s daughter, Mary, and he in turn finds out she’s lied to him.

Was Elizabeth at breaking point from looking after an autistic son? Did the Paks set fire to their own business to claim the insurance money? Or was it one of the protestors demonstrating that the business be shut down? This gripping novel takes place mainly in a court room where the facts and lies are exposed and the real culprit is anyone’s guess.

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