Ariel Lawhon’s—Code name Helene

Ariel Lawhon’s—Code name Helene

Nancy is a freelance Australian journalist based in Paris in the late 1930s. In between assignments, she wiles away her time with her French friend, Stephanie who soon introduces her to handsome, playboy, Henri. But Nancy’s life is set on a different course when she witnesses the whipping and humiliation of a Berlin Jew. She cannot forget the German torturer’s face nor the mesmerized crowd when Hitler gave a speech. 

From this point on, Nancy’s story reads like fiction, but this novel is based on the real life experiences of Nancy Wake who helped deliver Jews their false documents and escorted them to a safe house. When her own life was threatened, she escaped to Spain and travelled on to England. In London she offered her services to the French, but they turned their noses up at a woman. It was the British who trained her and sent her back to France where she led a large band of French resistance fighters and stayed in France until the allies forced the Germans out of the country and the war ended.

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