Yoko Ogawa’s—The memory police *****

Yoko Ogawa’s—The memory police *****

A novelist lives alone on a remote island since her parents have been removed by the memory police. It is not only people who have disappeared, but objects too—hats, the ferry service to the northern island—things that are also removed from the inhabitants’ memories. Every now and then when she wakes, she senses something else has disappeared. 

The islanders are gripped with fear when the memory police storm the streets, search people’s houses, or drive past with a load of residents who’ll never be seen again because they have retained their memory of the items that have disappeared.

Against this backdrop, the novelist is writing a weird story set in a typing school. Will she be able to finish her story with more disappearances? And will she be able to protect her editor who remembers everything?

This may seem like a wildly bizarre tale, but isn’t there some truth here?

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