Sitadevi Yogendra’s—Yoga for Women Simplified *****

Sitadevi Yogendra’s—Yoga for Women Simplified *****

This is a book that’s been with me for decades that I recently reread. It contains photographs of yoga positions with well explained instructions. What makes each pose even better, are the details about which parts of the body each pose benefits.

Additionally, the book contains wisdom such as that because women give birth, their internal organs in that region of the body are larger than males and therefore, it is unhealthy to have a tiny waist as it will suppress the organs.

However, the author states that women in particular, suffer from constipation due partly to an improper diet. I can’t imagine diet would be the cause of women in India suffering from this ailment since many are vegetarians. I believe it’s due to having to hold themselves during daylight hours because they don’t have a toilet. Then when they go to the bushes after dark with their copper pot of water, they are in a hurry due to the dangers of being raped.

Any book that’s been in my possession as long as this one has, has to be a five out of five as I can count on one hand those that I’ve kept as long.


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